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Tow Monster

What's a Tow Monster?


Tow Monsters are the easiest way to tow kid's bikes and schlep cargo! They instantly add incredible capacity to your bike -- just bolt it on to the side of your rack. Be it with a conventional bike, an e-bike, a front loader cargo bike, or a trike, adding a Tow Monster will change the way you bike.

For the Following Bikes & Racks

• Most Standard Bikes (w/ Axiom Transit rack)
• Axiom Transit Rack (fits most bikes)
• Thule Yepp Rack (fits many bikes)
• Urban Arrow Factory Racks
• Yuba Supercargo / Supermarche
• Riese & Muller Packster Hardtail Factory Rack
• Riese & Muller Factory Rack (older version)
• Bunch Bike (Preorder)
• WorkCycles Fr8/Kr8 (Preorder)

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About Us

Our Vision

We love to commute by bike, but with kids it's often not practical -- logistics and kids' abilities create real limits. We founded Schleptastic to make the impractical reasonable. Our guiding vision is to solve complex transportation problems and reduce society's need for cars with solutions that are minimalist, practical, and simple. We want to bring the joy back into your schlep.

Our Concept

The Tow Monster has been in development for a few years, with sales beginning in the fall of 2023. Extensive work was done to make a simple, yet effective, way to quickly hitch any child's bike to the back of an adult bike without special hardware or annoying setup. It works with most kid's bikes with wheel sizes between 12" (balance bike) through 24" (slightly smaller than an adult bike), and it attaches to most adult bikes that can have a rear rack. Additionally, it has a special strap system that makes it easy to quickly attach oversized cargo. The Tow Monster and its patent-pending design are Schleptastic’s first product.

Our Team

Schleptastic was founded by Jonah Elgart, an entrepreneur and MIT trained engineer with experience starting and running different businesses. When Jonah is not building and designing, he’s usually spending time outdoors with his three young kids. Jonah brings persistence and passion to solving problems, and he strives to bring ease-of-use simplicity to everyone who enjoys bicycling. Schleptastic is also the product of support, advice, and help from the fantastic Boston bike community, and from the voices of bicyclists throughout the world. Numerous local volunteers contribute to testing prototypes and offer valuable feedback and guidance. We are also guided by an expert team of advisors with extensive industry experience.


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