Product Support

Below is information for Using Your Tow Monster and Installing and Servicing Your Tow Monster.

Using your Tow Monster

Mount a 20" Bike or Smaller

Mount a 24" Bike

Initial Setup - Setting the Rubber Stopper

Carrying a Backpack

Installation & Service

To install your Tow Monster, follow the Video Guide (below) while referencing the Specification Sheet (below) that has important details for your model.

Additionally, we demonstrate How To Lift a Tow Monster to access behind it for bike maintenance.

Specification Sheets

Urban Arrow Essential Carrier (2023+) (PDF)
Urban Arrow Carrier Classic (~2016 - 2022) (PDF)

Urban Arrow (Older; Curved Top Rails)
Riese and Muller Packster
Yuba Supermarche / Supercargo
Axiom Transit Rack
Thule Yepp Rack
Bunch Bike

How to Install a Tow Monster

How to Lift a Tow Monster for Maintenance

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